Jan 2, 2010

Best Printer Cartridges

Hewlett Packard HP 92 Twinpack Inkjet Print Cartridges C9512FN 140 BlackFirst, you really get a great deal on this Twinpack HP 92 Inkjet Print Cartridges C9512FN 140 Black compare the prices wiht any other retail stores like CIrcuitCIty or Target, or just buying one.Every-time you install a new cartridge, the printer automatically prints a test page, and I check the ink level right after, the printer could use up as much as 5-8% ink, but you could prevent this by press the “cancel” button when it just starts to print the test page.Printer will print very good quality black ink on page with this cartridge, but the ink use up very quickly. It says on the box that you could print up to 220 pages, I print page usually on fast normal mode and I track the pages that the printer can print, I couldn’t even print up to 150 pages . !!(just word documents, no graphics). I’d use this ink cartridge for my printer for about two years, the ink can last from 3 to 5 months for normal printing. So, it really depends on what you need to print, and if you do lot of graphics, or just print a lot, I suggest you check out other brand name printers, such as canon, for economical printing and quality.